I choose a dog's sanity over vanity, their wellfair is my top priority. It is the owners duty of care to maintain their dogs coat to a healthy standard inbetween professional grooms. This requires regular brushing to stop the coat from knotting which in turn will prevent matting/pelting. I am more than happy to provide you with advice on what equipment is suitable for your dogs coat and how to do it properly.

If I take in a dog with a knotted/matted/pelted coat I will assess the severity upon arrival and advise my action to tackle this depending on how bad it it. If it appears worse than originally thought when I am working on it I will call the owner and re-advise.

Sparse knots can be broken up and removed with a little work however if matted/pelted it will more likely end up with part of the coat being clipped then blended or will result in a complete shave down. 

When de-matting, the coat will be left very short or thinned and possibly damaged depending on the hair structure. Shaving is alot kinder and quicker for your dog to withstand. I will not spend hours picking out matts which have resulted in lack of home brushing as it's not fair on the animal and I will not put them through that. Most of the time matts are very close to the skin and it is occasionally hard to determind where the fur stops and skin starts.

It would be unsafe to use scissors at such close proximity, so I cannot stress enough to all owners PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO DE-MATT AT HOME, an untrained hand doing so could result in causing serious injury to that of itself and/or the dog. It is a very delicate proceedure which requires concentration and carefull precise techniques which I as a groomer have been trained to carry out.

A trip to a groomers to get your dogs coat fixed would more than likely end up cheaper than a trip to the vets.


 Matting causes unnessary suffering and it pulls tight on the skin which can lead to skin irritations and/or infections, is a harbouring place for bacteria and other nasties such as fleas


I will not take responsibility for anything uncovered beneath a badly condtioned coat eg,

  • Hot spots/yeast infections/other skin inflamations
  • Exzema
  • Lice/mites
  • Maggots
  • Eye/ear issues
  • Itching
  • Heamatomas in ears (caused by head shaking when matts are removed from ear leathers)


 I will give you a rough price guide upon drop off but I am not able to be more precise until I start working on the coat.

Prevention for de-matting.... Brush regulary.

Don't wait until there are knots to rebook a professional groom, keep ontop of your dogs coat at home and keep it maintained by regular visits to a pressional groomer and your dog will be happy and healthy.


If by any chance your dog is unable to attend their grooming appointment I do ask for at least 24 hours notice. This will give me chance to call and prepare any customers who are on my cancellation list and are in need of an urgent slot. Failure to do so will incur a charge of 35% of the missed grooms estimated price ontop of your next grooming fee for first time missed appointments. Grooms missed for a second time will result in the same 35% missed fee charge and also 50% up front payment if you wish me to rebook any future session. Appointments missed for a third time will incur me to enforce my 3 strike rule as all my grooming slots are in high demand and is unfair to those who are waiting for a well needed space. It is very difficult to fill slots in at the last minute which is why I ask for at least 24 hours notice.

If you are running late for your visit please contact me, sometimes I will have to rebook you depending on how late you will be as appointments could then clash if I'm behind on my work, I dont rush myself or the dogs I groom.



I am willing to give customers reminder texts/calls the day before their planned groom if they require me to do so.

Unfortunately I have had to enforce this policy as of January 2016 because of the growing amount of valuable spaces which are being wasted.


Thankyou for your understanding.