Pricing is always difficult on my behalf as each dog is individual and unique. Breeds differ in size, the coat condition varies, temperment and age will also affect the total price of a groom. I will need to physically assess these factors before being able to give a definate quote.

However I will gladly give you a very rough idea of how much it may cost if you want to give me a call.

A young dog with a knot free coat with good temperment will vastly differ in price to that of say a dog who is a little nervous, matted or old as more time will be taken and isn't as straight forward to groom. 

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Working by myself I am able to take my time on each individual client and give them constant attention and care without making myself feeling rushed or pressurised into feeling I have to groom "x" amount of dogs a day. 

When I book appointments I give the maximum time I believe I would need for that specific breed or particular dog's needs. Due to this I am only able to book in a smaller number of dogs each day compared to other groomers (factoring in the NO CAGE rule I work by)

Sometimes I have immediate spaces but quite often you will need to book in advance as my diary gets pretty full, I will try my hardest to find you an appointment suitable but please bear with me if I am unable to fit you in straight away as I am in high demand from existing loyal customers also; most of which rebook upon collection of their dogs.

You are able to book single appointments or block book for several or for the whole year.

I start taking bookings for Christmas 12+ months in advance as this time of year is at my highest demand for spaces. 

Please ring, text or email me by using my contacts link above to book a slot. Aternatively click HERE. (I can only hold given dates through email bookings and texts for the remainder of the day of which I reply as appointments are always in demand so I advise ringing me to confirm. Technology can sometimes be unreliable and I wouldn't want you to miss out on that valuable space for your dog.

I also have a NO SHOW and CANCELLATION policy which you may find beneficial to read. These can be found in the 'policies' link above or you can click HERE. 

Before your planned appointment I do wish all my doggy customers to be up to date with their vaccinations and de-flead otherwise it could put other dogs at risk who are with me during that day. It will also require me to deep clean and fumigate everything to stop cross contamination inbetween grooms. Defleaing your dog will result in an additional charge to your groom fee to cover flea products I will have to use.