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Hello there, I'm Jessica and I am the sole owner and groomer of 

Paws 4 Thoughts Dog Grooming 

(or Aunty Jess as i'm known to many of my doggy clients)


My History

I have worked with animals one way or another since the age of 8 so always knew I'd be a 'Dr.Dolittle' in some form, animals are my world and I need them in my daily life.

My grooming career began when I originally worked as a kennel assistant at a local animal rehoming shelter, it was there that I completed my Animal Care NVQ and was also sent on various courses one of which being dog grooming... lets say I got the 'grooming bug' and made it my mission to put everything I had into fullfilling what I knew was my call in life. 

I left my job and went back to college then passed my Grooming and Buisness Management course which led me onto setting up my own grooming salon. I'm not a big shop like some places, I'm just small home based groomer, fully insured and kitted out big enough for just me and your dog.

I have always been artistic and have an eye for detail which I find helps a great deal when styling a dogs coat. 

My Ethos And How I work

I promote a relaxing environment without the hussle and bustle of other dogs around, I play new age music (like you can hear on my video link) and you have the option for me to use aromatheraputic products such as lavender shampoo and ylang ylang sprays for example. I also support the use of pure based products for skin which may be sensitive.


Ocassionally if a dog has had a traumatic experience at another groomers or in life in general this could have an impact on the dog's behaviour on my table and will therefore need time to build up trust. This can be a slow process as it doesnt happen over night. You are often able to help situations like this at home by offering gentle bonding grooming which also desensitizes the dog to brushes/combs and motions they will come across when at my salon eg, touching their paws etc. (please give me a  call  if you wish to talk about this method...*I am no vet but I try and put myself into the dogs paws and find out ways to ease aniexties for future grooming sessions)

Quite often I find myself talking 'dog' and having a good old natter with my furry customers, call me crazy but I try and look at things outside the box, whether it be putting myself into the dog's situation.... if they seem over excited or at the other end of the spectrum are showing signs of anxiety or stress I ask myself how would I react and what would calm me down. I consider changing grooming techniques, positions so I am not standing over them etc. I will not persue to work on a dog that is too distressed as it will more often than not set up bad vibes for future grooming sessions as they will learn to associate those upset feelings with coming to see me, little and often could benefit more than just trying to get it done. Also it could pose a threat to existing health issues or cause unnessary potential injurys. If at any point during their grooming session I feel that they are too nervous or are just not happy with being groomed I will call you and put you into the picture as too what I think the best call of action would be eg, split short sessions, owners support and comfort or grooming techniques other than those previously discussed.

I not only focus upon the aesthetic appearances of each dog but also their well being and mental happiness.

I adhere to The Animal Welfare Act of 2006 encorporating the Five Freedoms throughout my grooming setup and work I carry out.


I do not and will never use any form of cage whether be drying cabinet or holding crate; while with me the freedom of your pet I feel makes it a more pleasureable experience and will hopefully be more inclined to relax and soak up the pampering sensation.




Alongside my grooming I am taking part in ongoing training in various fields of practise.


I'm currently a level 2 in Reiki.  In time I intend to achieve Master level, this will be after completing several case studies and follow on courses.  

Reiki (霊気/ˈrki/) is a Japanese form of energy healing, which is a subset of alternative medicine. Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which a "universal energy" is said to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.

Further more I have done a CPD course in developing Tellington Touch Techniques

At some point in the near future I intend to take steps into completing 6 x 6 day courses which will then allow me to become practioner level, as of now I can only legally offer this technique to compliment my grooming and not offer it as a whole session. 

All training developments I undergo will be encoporated into my daily grooming, the aim is to hopefully give your dog an extra sense of relaxation.

 If you wish for you dog to visit me solely for a reiki session this can be arranged,  I cannot however guarantee cooperation of your dog and I will not force them to do anything they do not want to do. PLEASE CALL ME FOR EITHER A TALK ABOUT ANIMAL REIKI OR TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT.